Christian Peagler

Christian Peagler

Regional Instructor

Peagler began his career in 2010 in the private armed security sector while seeking a Bachelors's in Construction and Architecture at the University of Tennessee. From 2009-2011 he also played D1 Collegiate Rugby at UT and focused on a minor in Sports Science.

Peagler enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2013 as a Combat Engineer. As an Engineer, he attended various courses covering Urban Breaching, Counter IED Operations, Mobility/Counter-Mobility, and Combat Leadership courses. While enlisted, Peagler earned numerous respected awards and accommodations. He spent time as a training Sergeant instructing Marines in multiple levels of CQB, combat patrol tactics, TCCC/CLS, and advanced breaching tactics.

Peagler began his Law Enforcement career in East TN in 2014 while in the USMCR and remains in law enforcement today.  Thus far, he has worked in Adult Corrections, Patrol, and Court Support (Civil and Criminal Process) and assisted the training division as a Defensive Tactics Instructor. Peagler was selected in 2016 for the agency’s S.W.A.T Team.  While on the team, he attended multiple instructor courses, including the NTOA Mechanical/Ballistic Instructor course. Working on a regional team allowed him to work alongside various State/Federal Special Operations Teams and a privately contracted training aid for military SF units. He holds multiple tactical medical care certifications. Peagler was chosen and attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Breaching Course covering Mechanical/Thermal/Ballistic/Power Tool and Vehicular Breaching. Peagler attended T.E.E.S. Basic/Intermediate Energetic Entry schools and was instrumental in helping start his agency’s Energetic/Explosive Handling program in 2017.

Peagler is the Chief Operations Officer of K-Factor Breaching LLC and Co-Inventor of the K-Clip. This has allowed him the opportunity to advise operators/breachers in the tactics of breaching and charge applications regularly.


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