Dalton Watson

Dalton Watson

Director of Media

Since 2012, Watson has been a full-time Law Enforcement Officer out of Arkansas at one of the larger cities within the State. During this time, he saw a need in the agency to deliver content to connect with the local community. While a physical presence is paramount, the next generation is connected deeply through digital means. This skill set allowed him to expand past traditional ways of community policing and reach those that otherwise would not click. 

What began as a hobby developed into a passion.  Watson now runs his own media company, Guild Media, which is vital to Guild Solutions Group. He is the one that paints the portrait of what we do for our community.  He has now worked in family photography, real estate, and commercial photography and is a certified 107 commercial drone pilot.

Watson may not always be in the eye of the public, but he’s why the public has eyes on the Guild. He has now worked with several prominent and recognizable training companies, tactical manufacturing companies, and distribution companies.  He continues to enhance his capabilities and skill set to bring you some of the best content available.


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