J. Green

J. Green

National Breaching & Tactics Instructor

Green began his career as a State Law Enforcement Officer in 2007, serviced o local, state, and regional task forces for warrant service and intelligence in the greater New Orleans area.  After earning his master’s degree from Tulane University in 2011, he enlisted and completed Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) and ont Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC).  After completing this prestigious program, he was awarded his Green Beret and became a Weapons Sergeant (18B).

During his ongoing time in the service, he has deployed to numerous African and Middle Eastern Countries and completed training assignments in Europe. Green served as the NCOIC in the Combat Section during an appointment at a multi-national SOF Training Center. During this assignment, he instructed CQB, CMMS, and Surveillance/Collection Courses for European SOF soldiers training for domestic and overseas operations.

Green also worked as a contractor with the Special Operations units from the US and various allied countries in the Arabian Peninsula.  He has instructed and led soldiers in the French language, in addition to extensive experience working with translators and soldiers having English as a second language.  Green continues to serve as the Senior Weapons Sgt. Of a Special Forces ODA and is an instructor for his groups Urban Combat and Breaching Courses.

Additionally, Green is the joint principal founder and owner of P3D Solutions, Inc and Breach Pop, LLC.  He has been instrumental in developing some of the safest and most current breaching products in the industry today, which are currently implemented and under review with NSW and USASOC units and numerous State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Green’s involvement within Guild Solutions Group is to be the director of tactical training, emphasizing tactical breaching applications.  He will direct and instruct various levels of tactical training within GSG.


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