Jason “Jabo” Long

Jason “Jabo” Long

Director of Law Enforcement Training

Long began his Law Enforcement career in 1997 with a metro Memphis agency, one of the nation’s most violent criminal areas.  He was highly decorated and awarded During his early years of Law Enforcement.  He was utilized as a Field Training Officer and routinely had special assignments. In 2002, he was selected for the agency's full-time Tactical Unit (S.W.A.T.).

He has long acquired numerous certifications as a firearms instructor, K-9 handler, tactics training coordinator, assaulter, sniper, bomb technician, team leader, and eventually, the team’s assistant commander. In 2019, his leadership and skills were moved to the Narcotics Search Warrant Unit.  He continued to work with the Bomb Squad, assisting the training academy in developing the “Building Clearing” curriculum. He worked as the team sergeant in the Clandestine Laboratory Response Unit. As of 2022, he is assigned to the agency's Special Investigations division, where he remains active today.

He has 24 years in full-time law enforcement and is a nationally sought-after instructor.  He owns Fast Bear Consulting Group, a thriving company that teaches structure dominance, shooting, and other current methods.  Long’s involvement with Guild Solution Group includes (but is not limited to): Director of Law Enforcement Training, assisting with Patrol Response to critical incidents, Narcotic courses, and other disciplines.


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