Jeremy Nash

Jeremy Nash

Regional Instructor

Jeremy started his career in the United States Marines Corps in 2000 as an MP until his honorable discharge in 2004.  His career continued in the private security sector for two years until he was hired as a full-time Law Enforcement Officer in 2006, where he continues to serve today.  Jeremy worked in a primary patrol capacity until he was selected as a member of the 2nd oldest Special Weapons and Tactics Team in the nation in 2010.  

During this time, he was assigned as a breacher in 2012, and then became the breaching team leader and remains the assistant team leader to the assault element.  Jeremy, one of the country's most experienced Law Enforcement breachers, conducted hundreds, if not thousands, of breaches in his career. Jeremy has attended primary and intermediate breaching schools and completed the Master breacher course.  

Jeremey is certified as a tactical team leader and ballistic breaching instructor under the NTOA.  Jeremy has also been involved in woodland tracking operations, multiple hostage rescues, and dozens of barricaded operations. He provides vast knowledge and experience to Guild Solutions Group for the State of New York and surrounding areas.


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