Joe Perry

Joe Perry

Regional Instructor

J.P. Began teaching marksmanship and basic firearms safety at the age o 16 while working at his family's indoor shooting range and gun store. After graduating High School in 2009, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he trained to become a Combat Engineer. During this time, he received training in Mobility and Counter Mobility operations and Urban Breaching and Counter I.E.D. Warfare.

J.P. Deployed to Afghanistan in 2011-12 with the 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was attached to the 1st Battalion 6th Marines and operated in the Upper Sangin Valley. J.P.’s primary duty was Counter IED warfare and Breaching operations.

Upon returning to Tennessee, J.P. Was hired by the Blount County Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Deputy. He worked as a patrolman and Field Training Officer from 2012 to 2020. J.P. Was selected for the BCSO SWAT team in 2015, where he served as an Assaulter and Breacher. J.P. Is an NREMT Emergency Medical Responder and has completed multiple TCCC/ CLS courses. In 2020 he was assigned to the Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigations Function, where he served as a General Investigator working many different types of cases.

In September of 2022, J.P. Was hired to be the Criminal Investigator for the 5th Judicial District of Tennessee, where he manages a Technology Task Force attached to the Drug Task Force.

J.P. Is currently an active member of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, where he serves as an Assistant Team Leader and is the Method of Entry Subject Matter Expert. Serving in this capacity, J.P. routinely schedules and plans training events. J.P. supervises the accountability and safe storage and use of high explosives. During his time on the BCSO SWAT Team, Joe has led the execution of many high-risk operations.

J.P. Is also the CEO of KFactor Breaching LLC. And co-inventor of the K-Clip. In this capacity, J.P. Regularly advises breachers in constructing and applying many breaching charges and tactics.


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