Kenny White

Kenny White

National Instructor

White started his career with the Navy in 2007. After graduating from the SEAL pipeline, he served on the SEAL Teams on both the East and the West coast. White had the opportunity to serve as an instructor at Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command.

During his time in NSW, White worked with multiple Special Operations Forces from around the world in South America, Asia, and the Middle East. He received extensive and facilitated training in CQB, Urban Combat, Land Warfare, Combat Shooting, Tactical Ground Movement, Special Reconnaissance, Air Operations, Maritime Interdiction Operations, Combat Diving, Over Beach Operations, and more.

White recently left active-duty service after 15 years to devote his time to his beautiful wife and four exceptional children. He will continue to serve as a Navy Reservist. We are proud to have a member willing to teach and learn from all of us.


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