Mathew Potocki

Mathew Potocki

Regional Instructor

Potocki started his career on the correction side of Law Enforcement in 2007.  During that time, he was a part of the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) for emergency situations. In 2010, he was hired at a major Police Department in the upstate New York area and worked in a patrol capacity.  In 2013, he was selected into the 2nd oldest Special Weapons and Tactics Team in the country, where he continues to serve today.  

While he serves as a part of this team, he has also served as an assaulter, breacher, entry TL, Breaching TL, and Training Coordinator.  Potocki has executed hundreds of high-risk operations, including barricades, vehicle takedowns, manhunts, site security, civil disorder, and officer-involved shootings. He is also the lead instructor for  Tactical Warrant Service School, which has the attendance of local, state, and federal agencies.  

Potocki has conducted breaching training all over the State o New York and holds numerous certifications. These certifications include, Physical Fitness Instructor, CQT/Advanced Tactical Team Scenarios, Firearms Instructor, Woodland Tactics, Intermediate Breaching, Response to Suicide Bombings, Surreptitious Entry, Master Breacher, Basic Breacher, SWAT Operators Course, Instructor Development, and more. Potocki continues to serve his community in the above roles and provides a deep level o professionalism and expertise to Guild Solutions Group.  


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