Shane Foster

Shane Foster


Foster gained his exposure/career to Law Enforcement in 2001. He got out of law enforcement for a few years, working in the corporate world and in a Fortune 500 company serving as an administrator, director, and teacher for several years.  In 2007, he began his work back in Law Enforcement and continued in the career field until 2019.

In 2008, he began to work for a Metro Memphis Agency (Desoto CO). He was a member of the S.W.A.T. Team, F.T.O., Traffic Interdiction, Homeland Security TF, Firearms Instructor, numerous other certifications, commendations, and the distinguished Award of Valor. In 2012, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In 2015, he was hired full-time by one of the Premier Breaching Companies in the World, known as Tactical Energetic Entry Systems.

Foster started working with T.E.E.S. in 2009, but his career began to flourish in 2015 as a world-known technical breaching expert under the tutelage of Alan Brosnan and the T.E.E.S cadre. After he returned from a combat deployment in 2018, Foster was positioned as the lead instructor and directed operations at the range.

Foster also served with the 164th Division of the United States Air Force from 2012-2019 in the capacity of Security Forces & Fly Away Security Operations (F.A.S.T). During this time, he deployed to Europe and t the Middle East.  He was promoted to the rank of Staff Sgt. He was positioned as Assistant NCIC for F.A.S.T. operations in support of OIR & OFS. Foster has worked in 15 countries, operationally or in an advisory capacity.

Additionally, he has served with private security companies and continues to advise MIL, LE, and GOV agencies worldwide on technical breaching.  He works for a significant corporation supporting the defense sector and first responders worldwide.

Foster has trained and worked with thousands of personnel worldwide.  This interaction gave him the desire to bring some of the best training cadres in the industry together to support the functions of our men and women of Law Enforcement, Military, Government, and Civilians. In 2017, the idea of bringing all these skilled individuals together created the motto, “Forged by Synergy.”  This defines the overall intent of the Guild Solutions Group.  His primary function in the Guild is to serve as the Director of Operations and support the Cadre that supports our mission.


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